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32" graphite neck - Bartolini MM pickup & Bartolini single coil - John East StingRay clone pre-amp

Hipshot hardware - Pickguard by Jeannie Pickguards



30.5" - ancient amber maple/maple neck - Hipshot hardware - Seymour Duncan pickups - 3 way Les Paul selector - custom pickguard by Jeannie Pickguards - strings by D'Addario

L132 - 'HOMICIDE' art finish

ebony board - Hipshot bridge & tuners // EMG HB pickups & EMG BTC control EQ // case by TKL // D'Addario EXL170 round wound strings

Landing T Bass

Dark Star equipped -Dark Star thumb rest & pickguard by Jeannie pickguards-no face dots-ebonized fingerboard-Hipshot high mass bridge & Ultralight clover tuners & retainers-D'Addario ECB81M chromes- Landing"antique radio finish" in APEX 20 sheen satin over mocha brown stain - Dunlop flush mount strap locks - Sprague Orange Drop .047 capacitor - side jack w/football plate

Birdsong Corto Bass 'modification'

Custom pickguard by Jeannie pickguards with 2 --- 35 series size soapbar routes.This bass is outfitted with 2 - EMG 35 TW's and an EMG BQC control EQ at 18 volts.The GOTOH double battery hatch is on the rear of the bass. A variety of pickguard plastics are available as are types of 35 series pickps.


  blood red /ash body/ S. Duncan 1/4 pounder / 32"/ Hipshot recessed bridge/ GOTOH tuners/ rosewood board/ Dunlop strap locks                                          


Custom 34" L4 - 4 string bass.


Translucent red with black enhanced ash grain. 1 - EMG 40HZ.

Landing L4


  • Landing L4 --- 34"
  • alder body - hard rock maple neck with ebony fingerboard
  • MOP dot inlays
  • 3 - EMG passive single coil pickups
  • Aguilar OBP-3 active EQ @18volts
  • 5 way pickup selector switch via Strat style harness
  • GOTOH strap locks
  • double battery box
  • HIPSHOT stype A brass bridge
  • gold hardware
  • GOTOH tun

Artwork by Bill Cousins



Bleached mahogany stained orange.

Fender Vintage hardware.

GOTOH strap locks.


Fender Vintage P & J pickup set.

EMG Afterburner@9v. (knob #1)

GOTOH tuners & black head face.

Body is bookmatch mahogany over basswood for weight control.

Fender 9050M flat wound strings.

Standard Fender Jazz knobs + Strat type jackplate

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