Features and Options ------- L32P & L30P >>>>>


 Standard Features == $1299.00 base price.

 L32P = 32" or medium scale
 L30P = 30.5" or short scale
 HIPSHOT Type A brass string through body bridge
 GOTOH strap locks & Gotoh double battery box
 hard rock maple neck with rose wood board
choice of standard finishes
 alder or ash 2 piece body
solid color or pearloid 3 ply pickguard
 EMG P actuve pickup is standard
 EMG active BTC control EQ is standard
HIPSHOT tuners are standard
 Hipshot string retainers


 fretless +$99
 left handed +99
all maple neck + $59               ebony fret board +$99
maple laminate top + $175.00 // curly / tiger / flame -?
custom pickguard by Jeannie Pickguards - inquire
 HOUSE OF KOLORS sparkle finishes + 275.00
custom art creation finishes by artist Bill Cousins +$600
P&J pickup duo with 3 way selector + $125.00
Passive pickup - EMG-PHZ *
EMG BQC EQ + $59
Hipshot tuners +$49.00      Hipshot D-Tuner +$43.00
exotic wood bodies >>>>>>>>> inquire


> optional ---- passive  EMG-PHZ
                                                                           The PHZ pickup uses a typical "side-by-side" setup with a ceramic magnet and steel core for a fatter tone. It can also be used as a direct replacement for all Fender-style instruments. All HZ Pickups have EMG's exclusive 5-wire quik-connect output allowing any number of wiring combinations, and are fully shielded for a minimum of noise. String grounding is recommended to further decrease noise.

> optional ---- passive    Nordstrand NP4 custom pickup

> optional ---- passive - Precision Bass --  8CBP - pair vintage tone by Bartolini

> optional ---- passive LACE AlumaP  

 all Landing Basses come with a hardshell TKL teardrop case /// optional case upgrades are available upon request