Simply list the features you want in an email.

scale ------ 30.5” -------- 32” -------or ---- 34”
headstock ----------- 2+2 or 4 in line
fret board - rosewood, ebony or maple
body wood - most of my basses are lighter weight SWAMP ASH ---- some people do like heavy bodies believe it or not………others have severe back problems…… bodies can therefore be chambered and very very light in weight. Inquire if weight is a concern.
exotic wood bodies > tiger maple // curly maple // spalted maple // burl // bird’s eye etc// lace wood // ebony // walnut // mahogany etc………etc…..
model of bass >>>> L30T , L32P, L332 , L232, L1 and so on………..some basses have a P&J option.
pickups > EMG/// BARTOLINI /// NORDSTRAND /// LACE /// AERO /// S. Duncan /// Barden etc
pre-amp if desired -EMG /// BARTOLINI // NORDSTRAND /// S. Duncan /// John East /Audere…
 body color > if you see it on my site I can do it ....and maybe something new as well.
 pickguard type = 3 ply // single ply old school // choice of colors // solid color or pearloid /// Jeannie Pickguards has tons of plastic
hardware --- chrome /// black //// gold -----[Strap locks? Some guys have a favorite brand.]
 strings > flat wound // round wound // half wound-- I use D’Addario by default ……..…you may want something else.

Put all this together for me and I’ll go through it and organize it and price it all out.

We’ll hash it out back and forth and when we both think we’ve got it down I’ll write up a SHOP PAPER

which is simply a data sheet that I literally print out and thumb tack on my giant production board in my shop.

This way you and I are looking at the same piece of paper.

At point you send me a $100 deposit and I put you “on the board”.

The rest when the bass is 100% done.

Usually I don’t run a CC card [if that’s how you want to pay] until the bass is literally “in the box”.

You’ll get pictures of her along the way and many more when she is 100% done before you get her.

This way you’ll not only have great pics of your bass but you’ll know that she is ‘correct’.

Jimmy Wilson – Landing Guitars